Everything Under The Sun - Joe Algeri

Label:Egomaniac Music
Torpedo Records
Parasol Records
The Airport Song
Apricot Girl
Trucking Jesus

Rating: 7.5/10

This is Joe Algeri's first solo CD release, after a series of cassette releases and is a mixture of old and new material. As evidenced by this set of songs, Joe has a sensitive side that is usually kept hidden under the loud and rocking exterior of his other band, Jack & The Beanstalk. Everything Under The Sun is a wonderful mixture of acoustic pop, folk rock and country sounds. The majority of the songs (especially the new ones) seem to be written about being separated from his girlfriend and as such the domineering mood is downbeat and sad, such as in Lonely With A Smile, The Airport Song and the brilliant Awkward. However this isn't the mood of the entire album with other tracks like Apricot Girl and After The Rain providing welcome relief in their upbeat and joyous nature. Along with the strong but simple arrangements, the best thing about this album is Joe's gifted ability as a singer. His voice gives Everthing Under The Sun a warm, honest and intimate feel without sounding pretentious. One word of advice, don't let the front cover turn you off!

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